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The problem of fresh water

The problem of lack of water for one of every five inhabitants of the planet is not a problem of lack, but of poor management of fresh water.

It is necessary to create a new culture of water, which prioritizes its use as an inalienable human right and sustainable ecosystem management of this resource, instead of considering it, as was done until now, as a mere commodity product.

Sea levels are rising, storms are getting stronger and more water is being discharged. On the other hand, there are areas where water shortages and droughts are becoming more frequent. All this forces governments and private companies to seek new ways to meet the challenges of water supply in regions lacking water resources.

The demographic explosion of recent decades and the prospects for population growth in the short term have created pressure on water resources unprecedented in the history of hymanity.

More than 1.200 million people around the world do not have a reasonable and safe supply of drinking water, and about 2.400 million people are not entitled to basic sanitation services, the figures involve values close to 40 percent of the world population. Five million people – most of them children – die every year from drinking contaminated water.

Water is wasted almost everywhere. Until it really is scarce, almost all countries and almost all people consider it natural to have access to fresh water. We have to stop living as if we had infinite supplies of water and begin to recognize that we must deal with serious restrictions.

Original article by Cristian Frers,

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