Fluvial consultancy

We are fluvial consultancy

Cyanowater is a multidisciplinary engineering company specialized in the treatment of water from large areas such as Reservoirs, wetlands, lakes, lagoons and rivers.

Our working group is composed of Environmental Technicians, Limnologists, Engineers, Biologists, Entomologists, Surveyors and Marine Geologists.

In our projects, we carry out in-depth studies to establish the cause of the problem, generate an accurate diagnosis and offer the client a specific solution to the problem.

Our field of work is international and our clients are City Councils, Environmental Authorities, Water Boards, Hydroelectric, Nuclear and Thermoelectric Power Plants, Natural Reserves and Lakes and Lagoon Managers.

Our work areas

  • Invasive species

  • Barrier for fish redirection

  • Bioremediating treatments

  • Biological mud dredging

  • Margins of lakes and rivers reapir and phytoremediating islands installation

  • Bathymetries

  • Surveillance and environmental control

Our way of working

The first steps to be taken for the elaboration of a diagnosis would be the following:

It is studied (in case of being a river) the water from its birth and take samples approximately, and according to the case every 50 km, according to the results its affluent are also analyzed to determine the state of the water by sections. Also take soil samples to see what level of nutrients is coming from runoff from both agricultural and other activities, and the sludge, and finally analyzed  the invasive species in question, after this we are able to give an origin diagnostic and to give the corrective that would be necessary, as for example orientation in the modification of:

Discharge techniques (if any), use and misuse of fertilizers, advice on the quality of irrigation water, proper management of the waste of extracted plants, and if the client requests it, we can assist both in the technical direction of the corrective as well as in the total management of the solution.

We assume the role that we play as a company linked to the natural environment and all our work is always carried out under a philosophy of caring for the ecosystem and trying to minimize the impact on the environment in which we find ourselves.

Our philosophy is based on three basic pillars:

Seriousness and compliance

It is simple, we will not go through the bush or complicate the lives of our customers by saying one thing and doing another. That does not benefit any of the parties, so our main rule is clarity, seriousness and compliance with our word. If you order a job, be sure that it will be done.

Sustainable development

We are in a time when the use (and misuse) of natural resources make water one of the most affected and attacked. That is why we focus on protecting both this good and the rest of natural elements, since no development is possible if we do not take care of the environment.

Corporate social responsibility

Generally companies see CSR as an added value to win in competition and have a better image to the public, but this should not be the main point. Our corporate social responsibility exists as a fundamental pillar because we believe that we must be committed to social, economic and environmental improvement. We are convinced that there are almost no people left who believe that climate change is only Fiction.


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